Essiak Tea Tincture (Organic) - 100ml

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Product Overview

Herbal Tech Certified Organic Essiak Tincture formulated to help support the immune system. The Essiac formula has been used since 1922 by the Canadian nurse Rene Caisse.

The formulation originated with an "Ojibwa Indian medicine man." He claimed that the herbal mix was a "holy drink" that would purify the body and put you back in "balance with the great spirit."

Herbal Tech's Essiac Tincture is derived from the four main herbs of the original formula with the addition of Red Clover which is considered a blood tonic, cleansing the body when taken internally.

The tincture is ready for use, no preparation and taken at full strength.

Product Highlights

  • Certified organic ingredients
  • Original 4 herb blend plus Red Clover a well-known blood tonic
  • Made in New Zealand with loving hands
  • By purchasing Herbal Tech's Organic Essiac blend helps support local New Zealand farming communities

Essiac Ingredients:

  • Burdock Root used traditionally to help support and maintain a healthy gastrointestinal tract and to help support a healthy immune response.
  • Slippery Elm Bark is known to contain large amounts of tannins and mucilages which are believed to promote the healthy elimination of mucus in the body.
  • Sheep Sorrel used in traditional folk herbalism to help cool the body, this herb helps support normal waste elimination in the kidneys.
  • Indian Rhubarb Root used traditionally in small amounts and helps support normal waste elimination in the liver.
  • Red Clover used to support the respiratory system and assists with treating skin conditions. It is also considered a blood tonic, cleansing the body when taken internally.

Herbal Tech's Essiac herbs are certified organic.


As a dietary supplement take 6-10 drops under the tongue 2 times per day on waking and bedtime 15 minutes away from food or as prescribed by a health professional.


  • Not to be taken during pregnancy or by nursing mothers
  • Keep out of the reach of children


Proprietary Blend
Sheep Sorrel
Burdock Root
Slippery Elm Bark
Indian Rhubarb Root
Red Clover

Daily value not established

Other Ingredients
Steeped in GE free 25% grain alcohol


(No reviews yet) Write a Review